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Workshops & Special Events

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Join us for a WEEKLY beginner friendly Aerial Yoga Class!

Thursday 7PM



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Harmony & Healing: A Restorative Yoga Experience with Live Sound Vibrations

Join us on April 5th for a truly nourishing evening of serenity and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of a luxurious restorative yoga practice, guided by Andrea Bertoia and complimented by the soothing live sound vibrations of Aidan Mayes. 

Allow the harmonious melodies to guide you through a journey of relaxation and inner peace, as you unwind and restore both body and mind. 

This unique experience promises to envelop you in tranquility, creating a space for deep healing and rejuvenation. Don't miss this opportunity to indulge in a blissful fusion of music and gentle movement, designed to uplift your spirit and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. 

We look forward to sharing this magical evening with you.
Tickets: $35
$45 at the door

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Reiki Sound Crystal Bath
Join Andrea @Glitteredyoga for an evening of healing.

Using Reiki charged crystals, and distance Reiki, Reiki Master Teacher Trainer Andrea will guide you with voice, tone, and deep mediation to support you in drifting into deeper states of consciousness. 

Using crystal energy you will enjoy the sounds of the gong and feel how powerful crystals can be in your healing. 

Tickets online now.

Train with us!
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
Reiki Training Level 1,2,3
Crystal Healing level 1,2
and much more!

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Join us in this three part training practising opening and grounding our own energy to be present to receive and work with the healing properties of crystals. 

In this training we will learn how to:
- properly sensitize and tune into properties within crystals 
- properly clean and maintain the energy of your crystals 
- program and charge your crystals to promote healing
- set up and maintain crystal grids 
- ground, set protection, and work intuitively with crystals
- choose crystals based on their properties to support healing

This is a beginners guide to working with crystals and no experience or knowledge is required.

In this training we will also receive a practice of Crystal Reiki Nidra lead by Reiki Master Teacher Andrea B.

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Join us this July for Reiki Training!


Level 1

Level 2


Level 3



Level 1: Open to everyone.

Level 2:

Must have completed 10 Reiki Sessions on 10 different people.

Minimum 3 months between level 1 and 2. 

If training in different Reiki School for Level 1, must complete and pass assessment.

Level 3:Reiki Master

Must have completed 30 Reiki Sessions on 30 different people.

Minimum 6 months between level 2 and 3.

If training in different Reiki School for Level 2, must complete and pass assessment.

Lead by Reiki Master Teacher Andrea B

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Perfect Balance Yoga partners with space holders and teachers across the globe to bring you Mindful Yoga Teacher Training based on energy and trauma informed space holding. 

Through the transformational process of yoga, Mindfulness, and Energy work you will connect to your inner teacher and cultivate inner peace.

Inspired by Reiki, Mindfulness following Zen Buddhist Monk Thich Nahnt Hanh, yoga as a tool for healing, physical alignment and safe instruction.


Andrea and her team will offer a heart centered teaching and practice style.


We invite, not only those who wish to become teachers, but anyone who wants to take their practice to deeper physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Workshops Coming Your Way!

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Join Hayley and Andrea in this 90 min experience where we show you the full spectrum of what we offer at PBY!

This class will be toasty warm to 33 °C.

Hayley will start us off with a Toasty 26, a warm practice that is beginner friendly and is an ancient yoga sequence designed to target your spine and promote all over healing inside out. Your spine will thank you!

After we turn up the inner heat and get some energy moving we will cool it down with some practices for down regulation and peace lead by Andrea. We will practice yin for stretch and transition into deep rest with guided Yoga Nidra Meditation.

This class has it all, heat, movement, strength, stretch, rest and release!

- Toasty warm with Infrared

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